💰$22,000💰 will be given away to 4 lucky MoonBling believers when 30,000 addresses are reached in the next 168 hours the goal is to reach 30,000 holders






Buy On Pancakeswap


Official website : https://moonbling.finance/

Hold minimum $200 worth of MoonBling to qualify for first position
hold minimum of $150 to qualify for second position
$100 to qualify for third position
$50 to qualify for forth position
starting today till competition entry deadline or when 30,000 addresses are reached

NO sells allowed for the participants from May 26th until deadline or end game of 30,000 addresses is reached

Follow us on Twitter and QUOTE RETWEET The “Giveaway Pin post”and tag 3 friends

Join MoonBling official Telegram channel: https://t.me/Moonblingtknn

Fill up the complete google form in the link :

below which includes: A- Metamask or Trust wallet address B- Twitter username C- Twitter retweet link D- Telegram username

Current address count at the time of the announcement : ~1,182
📝Contract address: 0x1d38c9d0774f0a700bd4e2e653fc9a461db81a05

🚩Other rules:

-Follow the 5 above rules, if one of the rules is not applied then you will not be eligible for the prize!


A) Can I buy MoonBling after May 26th?

Yes you can as long as we did not hit 30,000 addresses yet

B) What if I sell some MoonBling after May 26th?

You will no longer be eligible for the competition if you sell any MoonBling token after May 26th, we can track it through the wallet address

C) What do you mean by wallet address?

Wallet address will be your Metamask or Trustwallet address of which you hold you MoonBling in

D) What If I don’t have a twitter account?

You need to follow all the 5 rules mentioned which will be checked upon announcing the winner

Make sure to upvote and share with your friends and family!

From the community to the community!




The best Nuclear Token . No locking of token in 3rd party site just Hodl to earn 🔥 60.54% Token burn 🔒 Lp locked, ownership renounced

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MoonBling Finance

MoonBling Finance

The best Nuclear Token . No locking of token in 3rd party site just Hodl to earn 🔥 60.54% Token burn 🔒 Lp locked, ownership renounced

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